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Rice Cookers

(30th March 2007 00:00)
Cooking more than just rice...
The preparation of rice has traditionally been a cooking process, which requires attention to ensure the rice is cooked properly. Rice cookers simplify the process by automatically controlling the heat and timing, while at the same time freeing up a... (More...)

Seasonal Pudding

(22nd December 2006 11:29)
Our daughter's school's Christmas play in 2006 had a Victorian theme and she loved one of the songs in which the children pleaded for "Figgy Duff." We looked up some recipies on the internet and, using the Newfoundland recipe as a starting point, came... (More...)

Raclette au Camembert

(20th November 2006 14:12)
A rather sophisticated variant on traditional raclette recipes.
Raclette was originally a poor shepherd's dish made with peasant cheeses. This is a rather sophisticated version made with probably the best known soft French cheese. For a dinner party of 8 - 500 gm Camembert... (More...)

Hot Stone Scallops

(20th November 2006 00:00)
Another recipe for your Raclette/Hot Stone
Use the hot stone top of your Raclette to make this delicious and socialble dish. For a party of 4, you will need 8 or 12 fresh scallops Marinade is very much a matter of personal taste, but try the following - Olive... (More...)

Hot Stone Mexican Steak

(20th November 2006 00:00)
Another recipe for your Raclette/Hot Stone
How about this Tex-Mex inspired dish for an informal party special? For 8 guests you will need at least 2lbs tender steak cut into thin strips. Make a marinade as follows - A half cup olive oil Half a cup of a good... (More...)

Sushi at home

(13th November 2006 15:44)
After staking out my local sushi restaurant for the past few weeks, ostensibly to find out more about Japanese kitchen knives, but actually just enjoying some fine food, I began to convince myself that making sushi was easy. I became so convinced, I... (More...)

What is Raclette anyway?

(6th November 2006 15:23)
Raclette is a cheese dish whose origin in Switzerland dates back hundreds of years. It is said that shepherds living in the mountains with limited supplies found that cheese spilt onto a stone and melted in front of the blazing fire was delicious when... (More...)

Autumn Apple Clafouti

(25th September 2006 11:36)
This is an Autumnal (and American) variation on the traditional French clafouti. Ingredients For the batter you will need 110 grams plain flour 100 grams sugar 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon Pinch salt 3 eggs plus 1 egg yolk 250 milk milk For... (More...)

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