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Claire - Chef's Cookware

How do you choose between so many brands of Kitchen Knife?

8th February 2010 18:29

I would entirely agree that there is a bewildering choice of kitchen knife brands available today, each with its disciples and champions.

Being a pragmatist rather than an idealist, when it comes to kitchenware, I would make a pitch for common sense. The truth is that there are a lot of very good knife brands, with not much in terms of quality to choose between them. Brands such as Global, Henckels, Gustav Emil Ern, Sabatier, Wursthof, all ALL good. Some companies have done better marketing jobs than others - Global's marketing has been absolutely excellent - but that is not to say that other quieter brands are less good, or indeed that the hyped brands like Global are all hype and no substance.

Personally, I would go for the one of the top brands and not worry too much about the technical differences between them. Once you have a short list of good knife brands - and I would include all the ones above - then choose a knife that feels comfortable in your hand, as they can feel very different, and one that is at a good price. Good brands with smaller marketing budgets will cost less but will perform just as well. Its very competitive on the internet, so there are some real bargains around.

If you want pure decadence, you could consider, for example, the Solicut knife range that I sell, or some of the stunning Japanese knifes that are around. They are absolutely beautifully made and designed. BUT they are very expensive. Personally, I go for my workhorse brand, Gustav Emil Ern. Not because I think Gustav is better than Global or Henckels etc. I don't think that. No, I use Gustav because I think it is in the same class as the big brands and I get them at a very good price. Solicut I would consider for a present for an obsessive cook, but not for my day to day kitchen. But perhaps I am more of a working Mum than the amateur would be professional chef.

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