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Claire - Chef's Cookware

Can you advise me on how to cook vegetables without water?

1st November 2009 17:52

This is a method of cooking that is made possible by using good quality cookware. Demeyere cookware, for example, say that their pans promote this method of cooking because of the combination of very tight sealing lids and excellent heat distribution and heat conductivity.

There is a bit of a technique to doing it however.

Boiling with very little water

Using less water than usual should mean that you get the same or better results in a shorter period of time because the lid and the insulating walls preserve the humidity and steam, thus speeding up the cooking process.

Ideal for cooking vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. Put about an inch or 2cms of water on the bottom of the pan - storks down for cauliflower and broccoli - and add a lid.

Leave to cook normally, with the steam created between lid and pot completing the cooking process. Watch to make sure that your pan is not turned up too high or you will burn the food.

You will increase the flavour, the vitamins and the natural minerals content of your food by using this method and cooking time should be reduced by about a third. Not bad!

Boiling without water (vegetables)

Place freshly washed and still wet vegetables in the pot.

Fill the pot about 3/4 full of food

Choose the correct ring for your pot and put the lid on. Heat up with a relatively high intensity until you feel with your fingers that the lid is getting hot, then turn down to the lowest possible heat

A tight fitting lid is extremely important for this method to work effectively.

Continue to cook slowly at a very low heat level - if steam escapes add a bit of water

Expect cooking time to be twice as long as traditional "plenty of water" cooking methods.

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