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Caring for a Swiss Diamond Frying Pan

23rd June 2007 11:41
We have just treated ourselves to a new 32cm Swiss Diamond frying pan. This replaces our 3 year old Jamie Oliver Tefal which is now parting company from its non-stick coating.

Swiss Diamond is a premium brand of heavy duty, professional quality, precision cast aluminium cookware hand crafted in Switzerland. To maintain its effectiveness and efficiency and to comply with the terms of its lifetime guarantee, it is essential that it is used and cared for properly.

BEFORE FIRST USE: Before using for the first time, wash cookware thoroughly with hot soapy water. Rinse and towel dry. Season the non-stick surface by lightly applying cooking oil with a paper towel.

USE LOW TO MEDIUM HEAT: High heat is never required because of the high thermal conductivity of Swiss Diamond. Start with medium heat and reduce to low if required. Always place your pan on the centre of the heating surface.

PREHEATING: When recipies recommend pre-heating, place the pan on medium heat for 2 to 3 minutes before adding food. In order to test if the pan is hot enough, simply sprinkle a few drops of water on the surface. I fthe water sizzles or beads, the pan is ready. If the water evaporates instantly, turn the heat down and remove the pan as it is too hot. Never pre-heat an empty pan too long.

CAUTION: Overheating can damage the cooking surface.

OVEN USE: Swiss Diamond cookware is over safe up to 260 degrees C (500 degress F). The handles will get hot under these conditions - always use pot holders when removing pans from the oven.

CLEANING: We recommend cleaning in hot, sudsy water. Do not use abrasive detergents, oven cleaners or scouring pads which may effect the quality of the non-stick surface. The outside can be claned with warm soapy water.

Although Swiss Diamond cookware may be claned in the dishwasher, we strongly recommend washing by hand as the harsh, caustic dishwasher cleaners may reduce the non-stick performance over time.

To maintain the attractive appearance and cooking efficiency of Swiss Diamond cookware, it is important that it be thoroughly cleaned after each use. If not properly maintained, a thin layer of food particles and grease may become carbonized when reheated and cause food to stick.

IMPLEMENTS AND UTENSILS: Swiss Diamond cookware is metal utensil safe. Chopping or cutting food in the pan should be avoided. Do not use an electric beater in the pan. When storing Swiss Diamond cookware, if the pans are nested one on top of the other we recommend placing a paper towel between each pan.

HANDLES: If need be, the handles may be tightened with a screw driver.

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