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How to select the right Chefs Paring Knife?

... a basic guide

14th May 2007 15:13

I came across the following basic guides to paring knives, which I did not think I could better ... so here it is

Chef's or Spear Point Parers

These are the most common of all the paring knives and the most versatile. They look like a smaller version of the chef's knife, and are used for peeling, slicing small fruits and vegetables, removing stems and other small cutting tasks where control is essential. 2" to 4" in length.

Sheep's Foot Parers

These knives have a blunt tip and straight edged blade for maximum cutting contact with the food. They are ideal for slicing and dicing small foods such as garlic and shallots. 2" to 4" in length.

Bird's Beak Parers

These have a forward arching curve in the blade for working round fruits and vegetables, making them an ideal garnishing tool. 2" to 3" in length.

Fluting Blades

These blades provide the greatest possible control of the tip, which makes them a superior garnishing tool when intricate cuts are required. 2" to 4" in length.

With thanks to The Cooking Enthusiast

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