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What are Hard Anodised Pans?

Another Cooking pan surface explained

12th February 2007 15:19

Hard Anodising is a hi-tech engineering process, extensively used in the aerospace industry on components, which are subject to extreme heat and abrasion, such as jet turbine blades.

The hard-anodised surface is twice as hard as stainless steel and is an integral part of the pan - not a coating. Durability of hard-anodised is outstanding due to the toughness of the surface. Under the hard-anodised surface is an aluminium core that provides excellent heat conductivity and even cooking (no "hot spots"). This core runs through the entire pan, including the side walls.

When compared with non-stick plain aluminium pans, the non-stick coating of hard anodised pans is found to be 100% more durable, because it has been applied to a much more durable surface.

In the past hard anodised pans were not suitable for the dishwasher as the salts in the detergents would discolour them. However some modern brands are now available which are suitable for the dishwasher, so be sure to check before you buy.

Silver Anodised Cookware

Is much the same as hard anodised cookware, however the aluminium alloy undergoes a less intensive process so that the anodised layer is only about a tenth of the thickness of hard anodised cookware. This gives the cookware its distinctive 'silver' appearance, as opposed to the darker gray associated with hard anodised cookware.

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