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What makes Swiss Diamond so brilliant?

It's the diamonds!

14th November 2006 00:00

Swiss Diamond have come up with a great new pan surface which won the Gold medal at the Geneva Inventors Fair. Why is it so revolutionary? - well, we were impressed enough by what they said to take on the range immediately. Here's a summary of the science!:

The secret behind the brilliance of Swiss Diamond is the unique physical properties of diamonds that provide the non-stick cooking surface with dazzling benefits not found in any other cookware. Not only are diamonds the hardest natural substance but they also possess the highest thermal conductivity, four times that of copper. Numerous other special properties have seen diamond used in industrial, medical and scientific applications. Now Swiss Diamond have found a way to take advantage of this impressive material in non-stick coating.

Swiss Diamond cookware is coated with an ultra-hard non-stick nano-composite which contains real diamond crystals, and translates into high abrasion resistance, exceptional thermal conductivity and unequalled perpetual non-stick properties.

This coating is applied on high quality cast aluminium through a first class production process. This breakthrough technology is now available for day-to-day appliances.

To ensure that the coating is always up to the job each batch undergoes three main tests

Boiling test: Most low quality coatings lose their adherence and even peel when in contact with boiling salt water or other salty solutions. Swiss Diamond products are tested against high salt concentration during long boiling times, in order to prevent any surface deterioration.

Cross-hatch test: A razor blade is used to cut grids of 100 small squares. Then, a very strong adhesive tape is hard-pressed on these and pulled off. The batch?s quality is only approved if the surface does not peel off.

Abrasion test: This test gives valuable information on the scratch-resistance and robustness of the diamond-fused coating. A specially designed rotating system allows the surface to be scratched at numerous patterns and with several types of abrading materials. The quality of the coating is determined by the time needed to completely remove it.

So it all goes to show diamonds are not only a girls best friend, but also a chef's too.

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