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Gustav Emil Ern French Cook's Knife vs German Cook's Knife

31st January 2013 11:21

Q What is the difference between Gustav Emil Ern French Cooks Knife and the Gustav Emil Ern German Cooks Knife ?

A Hi, if you look at the images in the links below for each knife, you will see that theGustav Emil Ern German Cooks Knife has a squarer bolster/handle where the blade joins the handle. The Gustav Emil Ern French Cook's Knife has a much rounder shaped bolster. It is a matter of personal preference as to which bolster design is more comfortable for the user. Personally I prefer the French, but it is the German style that is the most popular, by some way. Some find the French slightly more slippery but I prefer not having a sharper edge pushing into the finger.

Hope this helps


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