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Recipe for Hot Smoked Salmon using the Demeyere Stovetop Smoker

15th March 2010 21:51

The Demeyere Stovetop smoker is a perfect way to add flavour to food without fats and oils. The set is used for hot smoking but at a temperature lower than grilling. It is recommended that you coat the food with salt or brine before smoking to achieve a tender and juicy final product. Smoking is complete when the juices run clear after insertring a skewer in the thickest par of the fish.

Copy and paste into a browser, the following url to see the Demeyere Smoker set details:

For 4 people for a main course or 8 people as an entree

For the brine:

  • 225 grams of coarse sea salt
  • 50 grams white or brown sugar
  • Tarragon, grated lemon peel and ground white peppercorns
  • 600 - 800 grams of salmon fillets with skin on

Mix the sea salt with the sugar, tarragon. grated lemon peel and ground white peppercorns. Spread evenly over the salmon fillets. Place in a glass dish, cover with cling filrm and refrigerate for at least one hour. After the marinating, rinse the brine from the fish under cold running water, pat dry with a paper towel and rest for a further 2 hours.

Then place the smoking pan over the heat source and warm through. When hot sprinkle in the wood chips and place the smoking plate over the woodchips. Insert the steaming rack over the smoking plate and lightly coat with oil to avoid the salmon sticking to the rack. Place the salmon on the rack and cover with the lid. Let the smoke infuse the fish for 20 mins then check if cooked. It could take up to 45mins depending on the thickness of the fillets. The fish should be barely cooked as it will continue to cook after it is removed from the heat. Keeping the skin on the fish preserves the moisture.

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